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Do you cater to a money-conscious audience?

Become an Emma affiliate partner and be a part of helping the UK build a better relationship with their money!

Introduce Emma to your audience & receive commission from us 😉

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💰 Generate additional revenue

Earn commission while you help your audience with a universal issue.

🏆 We are renowned

We’ve picked up 1.7 million users so far and are publicly recognised - this makes it easier & beneficial for you.

🙏 We really help users

We’re not just a budget & tracking app - we provide so much more to help with wealth & finance in an easy-to-use app!


🤪 Tell us about yourself

Whether you actively cater to a finance-focused audience or just want to monetise your engaging content, we’d love to hear about you and consider you for the programme.

✌️ Present Emma to your audience

Show your audience how Emma could help them and ask them to try it out for FREE for 7 days! We won’t let them down.

👊 Start earning commission

Receive monthly payments for ALL users who sign up for a free trial via your link - even if they decide it’s not for them after the trial.

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What is the Emma Affiliate Programme?

Who can apply to the programme?

How are partners credited for referrals?

When are commissions paid?

What if a referred user does not start a free trial?